What you can do


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Our handmade poster of zero-waste “dabao” tips at the FILL YOUR STOMACH, NOT THE LANDFILL Picnic

  • Hang a reusable grocery bag on your doorknob! Grab it on your way out to the wet market/supermarket.
  • If you have a car, keep reusable grocery bags in the boot.
  • Stow reusable lunchboxes, cutlery, and a tumbler in your desk drawer or office pantry for those emergency “dabao” moments in the middle of hectic workdays.
  • Convenient foldable bag, bottle, and lunchbox options means there’s no excuse for not having reusables at hand! Check these out:

Collapsible eco lunch box, with built-in flat cutlery

Accordion-style collapsible drinks bottle.

Accordion-style collapsible drinks bottle


Travel cutlery with different attachments


Antenna-inspired extendable chopsticks


Water bottle that can be folded paper-flat


Collapsible tumbler




  • Create a Pledge Wall that members of the your school/office/religious & spiritual etc. community can sign to cultivate a mentality of reuse rather than wastage. People can pledge to refuse unnecessary disposable food-ware and to keep their reusable bottles, tumblers, lunchboxes, bags handy (i.e. in their lockers, at office desks, in office kitchenettes). There’s plenty of room for creativity in how the Pledge Wall is designed – it could be as simple as a bulletin board in the office, or made into an art installation in the school corridor.
  • Reduce use of disposable foodware at school/office/religious community functions, whenever possible.Or push for more eco-friendly disposables than conventional Styrofoam and other plastics, all the while doing plenty of research on what really constitutes eco-friendly disposables.
  • Propose a no-disposable-plastic-water-bottles policy for P.E. classes at school
  • Propose a no-disposable-cups policy for the office water cooler/coffee machine
  • Be Justin BI(e)BER! Declare Box In Bag (BIB) Day at your workplace, to encourage staff members to take the first, ridiculously easy step of putting a lunchbox in their workbag to bring to the office. Then it’s always on hand whenever you need to take away food! Read all about BIB Day on Monday, Aug 5 here. BIB Day can be any day that you choose for your office.

are you biebing

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