About Operation Zero Waste Dabao

Operation Zero Waste Dabao is a youth-led campaign to encourage reuse over wastage, and a means to research the barriers consumers and food outlets face in adopting sustainable practices.

From July 29 to August 9, a network of F&B outlets will also, to the best of their abilities, pledge to

The campaign’s target is to reduce the use of disposables in the outlets by 70% of all takeaway orders on August 9, 2013: a National Day truly worth celebrating.

The project aims to

  1. Raise awareness amongst customers and food outlet managers of the green alternatives to conventional products and practices. Inspire a think-twice impulse.
  2. Research consumer behavior through customer surveys: What are the motivations behind current behavior, and what sustainable incentives can encourage change? Research how best to shape business and social environments so that food outlets can and will adopt eco-friendly practices.
final tiffin logo for website
This is a chance to start a conversation and take action.
Hope you’ll join the movement!
Featured in The Straits Times (August 2013): One teen’s campaign to cut waste

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