Photos of our NOT THE LANDFILL Picnic (Aug 4)



2013-08-04_14-32-59_287 (1)

Our picnickers dabao’d lunch in reusable containers. Is it me or does that look like an extra large serving here ;)? Actually, quite a few of the aunties and uncles I spoke to said they don’t mind giving bigger servings to customers who bring their own containers, as a gesture of thanks for considering the environment!

2013-08-04_14-30-42_202 (1)

So what type of reusable containers are best? Plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic, or glass? Visit the new FAQ page for the answer!

2013-08-02 17.30.02

Customized Operation Zero Waste Dabao signage up at Food Republic @ City Square Mall

2013-08-04_14-53-31_75 (2)

Happy picnickers! Our volunteer in the centre is using the L’earth lunchbox made of wheat by-products and recycled plastic :).

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