Field Trip Part 1: ENVision Gallery and the Youth Environment Envoys

This post is so long overdue! It was all the way back on June 27th that I tagged along with the Youth Environment Envoys (YEEs) and other school groups on their field trip to the NEA’s ENVision Gallery, Tuas Incineration Plant and Marina Barrage.

The ENVision Gallery is a “one-stop showcase of Singapore’s environmental story” located on level 3 of the Environment Building, 40 Scotts Road. MEWR (Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources) calls it “a journey through the five different zones covering the key environmental topics – air, land, water, energy, and public health.” It’s a fun and interactive exhibition that makes the complex issues MEWR handles very easy for the layperson to understand. It’s open year-round from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, for free, and guided tours are available for school groups on request (

The youths on the field trip were really sweet and inspiring people – I was able to talk to a few about what they do in their own capacities at school and in their other communities, and hope to see them again. I also had the chance to share a little about Operation Zero Waste Dabao with them! At the end of the ENVision tour, there was a tree installation on which we were encouraged to post our environment-related personal pledges written on little paper leaves. I  convinced a few field trippers to pledge to practice reuse-over-waste and they were kind enough to let me snap some shots of them :).
More to come in Part 2!

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