Bio-composite Products Manufacturer #2 and the Singapore Environment Council (June 11)

Meeting with Bio-composite Products Manufacturer #2

Great meeting today! It was so heartening to speak with the business development manager of Bio-composite Products Manufacturer #2 – he was excited about the project and seemed quite happy to meet me :). I had drawn up a plan of action prior to the meeting, listing out all the different ways our conversation could go and how best to negotiate things so that they’d settle for only charging stallholders however much they would normally pay for two weeks’ worth of disposables. Before I could even make that proposal, though, they said they would be happy to provide the disposables needed at no charge! It’s definitely not set in stone yet – some key people still need to be convinced, but my hopes are high. They’re going to get back to me next week.

It feels like things are going somewhere! But I definitely cannot rest until I get a food centre on my side for sure.

Meeting with the Singapore Environment Council

The Eco-Food Court initiative that SEC bravely started a few years ago hasn’t progressed quite as much as I had hoped. There are apparently now three university campus food courts and one community centre food centre certified as eco-food courts. The one non-school, non-governmental public eco-food court was closed due to low traffic (granted, the entire shopping centre that housed the food court always seemed to be an unpopular destination anyway). SEC is focusing their efforts on Project Eco-Office, and can’t dedicate as much time and resources to furthering the Eco-Food Court initiative at this point. What they were able to provide me with were some past project to research and some potential contacts. I learned that SEC is a well-respected and innovative organization, but also one that, as a non-profit and non-governmental org, has limited capacity to effect major change countrywide. (I really need to be talking to the big (green) guns: the NEA.)


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